Your Spirituality Healing


Our Spiritual Wellness


Spiritual healing comes from peace in the heart, soul, and mind. Nothing spikes your mental wellness more than sharing your spirituality with others. Why is it then, so many seem so standoffish about doing that very thing? 


Yet, they have no qualms about sharing gossip, spreading rumors, or being negative in every aspect of their life?   I’m sure you have seen it. I know I have many times. 


From Praising to Spiritual Hazing


Some sit in the church pews praising God, but when the service ends, they go outside and start gossiping about others. This action can seriously injure your spiritual wellness. Your wellness is affected by participating or listening to negativity about others. What it amounts to is the spiritual hazing of others. 


Many times, those that gossip doesn’t worry about the subject of their gossip finding out. Yet these same people gossiping, fear to share the word of God or their spiritual connection with others for fear of offending someone.  


Why do we fear to share something good, when we think nothing of sharing something terrible? The answer to this question is peer acceptance.


The Cure for Spirituality Healing


Don’t let others put you down, or scold you because you are a spiritual person or believe in God. They might not realize this, but they are also spiritual beings.


Your social attitude, thoughts, words, and actions heal your spirit or tarnish your soul. Your spiritual being, can’t improve if you keep letting the tarnish take over and destroy your goodness. Feed your soul and starve the tarnish. 


Always Remember This


Don’t walk in fear of offending others, walk-in fear of offending God.  


Many think bad people don’t have a soul. Those that do the mass killing hurt children, or other heinous acts do have a soul. The heart and soul turned evil.


Look deeper though, look past all your surrounding, look deep inside yourself. When you see a baby, puppy, or and heartwarming story, what would you call that feeling? Can you put a name to it? Yes, we all call it the warm fuzzies, but let’s face it, something spiritual moves within us. 


The fastest way to recovery in your spirit is to do those positive things and ignore those things that will damage and sicken your soul.


Until We Meet Again


Believe in your spirituality, share it, and set your healing in motion. When you do this, everything will fall in place. 


Bless you and all the lives you touch,