Walking in Faith This Mothers Day

You are walking in faith every single day you just don’t realize it. You walk out the door to get in your car. There is no promise you will come back alive but, you get in that car and drive. 


You plan for your tomorrow, yet there is no promise of tomorrow you are taking it on faith tomorrow will just show up. 


When you get married you take it on faith that love will conquer all, you don’t know that for sure but you don’t call off the wedding. 


So, you see, you walk in faith a lot more than you think. Many times walking on faith is like walking on eggshells you never know when one is going to crack you just have to keep walking. 


Many people don’t think they are strong enough, but we are all that strong if we set our hearts to walk the walk. Being strong is not something you think in your head it’s not something you can see. Walking in faith comes from your soul. 


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I miss my mom so much but I walk in Faith every day that one day I will hear her voice, feel her hugs because I believe that life here on Earth is only the beginning, not the end. 


I want to wish all those moms out there a Happy Mothers Day and those of you that still have your mom here with you, hug her, tell her, you love her, that’s the best gift you can give. 


To all You amazing Mothers!

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